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Many people often ask us how to bring a new cell tower to their property. The process is not easy because cell site location selection criteria is not about how much land you have or.....Read More

About every five years, a new generation of equipment, standards and infrastructure is introduced to the wireless industry. 4G is the current platform that delivers “fast” throughput on mobile handsets such as Apple iPhones or.....Read More

August 4, 2017:  For a few years now, Sprint has been shopping for a buyer to invest in the company.  Sprint has lost customers, replaced its management, and froze any capital plans until a new purchaser.....Read More

Oct 1, 2019:  We are seeing applications for Small Cells in our portfolio of sites.  Unfortunately, the offer is for $200 a month.  This is substantially lower than the traditional macro cells.  The standard offer.....Read More

No, it is never too late to review your lease to see if you can get higher rent.  It is easier if your lease is coming up for renewal.  It is more difficult now that.....Read More

Every cell site lease has a 30, 60, or 90-day early termination clause in favor of the carriers or tower companies.  This is because they anticipate mergers and acquisitions as a real possibility in the.....Read More

Sprint Corp.’s aggressive discounting helped the company add new phone customers in the March quarter, but the carrier posted less revenue and lost more money than a year ago. Sprint has been selling its service.....Read More