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CellWaves Gives Landlords More Control, More Information, More Value.

Wireless carriers and tower companies have negotiators who have each completed hundreds of lease negotiations. Wireless landlords have typically negotiated one wireless lease in their lifetime.  When you negotiated your wireless lease, who controlled the lease language and rent amount? The un-informed landlords do not usually know where to begin because the technology, valuation, pricing, and terms are brand-new to them.  Most likely, the wireless carriers determined the price, set the terms, and used their own lease form produced by their lawyers, which are extremely one-sided as to who they protect.

Even if you wanted to negotiate, what would you change?  What would be your basis for asking for those changes?  What is your reference?  What is the comparable market value?  How did you get that number when wireless leases are confidential and unpublished or recorded anywhere?  Your only choice is to believe in what the site acquisition person, who works for the wireless carriers, tell you what they want you to know.  Do you think they have your interest at heart or their own interest for getting you the lower rent and terms, thereby increasing their own bonus from the carriers?

Lost Money At Low RentHow Much Is $300 Worth?  If your rent was just $300 more per month, you will gain $171,271 in additional income at a 3% annual increase over thirty years. What if you are $1,000 below market value?  It is clear that if you do not use us, you lose money.  Lots of money.  If you sell your lease or rent your property for less than what you could get, you will lose money.  It’s time for you, the wireless landlord, to get on a level playing field by bringing in the big guns on your side.

Landlords need knowledgeable and successful negotiators on their side. Knowledge with experience and action is power. Let CellWaves Wireless work for you and receive the power to increase your rent, the power to have better lease language for you, and the power to receive the best-in-market sale price for your wireless leases.

More Money Is Not Enough.  Getting our wireless landlords more money is not all that we do.  We bring so much more to the table than just negotiating terms.  We bring the breadth of insider experience that is unmatched anywhere else.

Diverse Industry Expertise. Engineering, construction leasing, intelligent negotiations, authority, connections, finance, creative problem solving, passionate about client satisfaction, legal background.

Shaped The Industry.  We affect the industry more than just the leases themselves.  The more we know, the more we bring value to our clients.  We built cell towers and rooftop sites.  We engineer the wireless networks to deliver voice and data services to your mobile handsets today.  We leased sites, zoned them, constructed them, and maintained them.  We know access issues.  We understand disputes and how to solve them.  We have seen it all.

Detect Traps and Gimmicks.  We see unsuspecting landlords lied to by “expert lease purchasers” who cajoled landlords into selling their leases for substantially less than market value.  We have seen critical sites in a carrier’s network leased for practically nothing, and we have seen wireless companies using technicalities and not paying landlords a penny for using their properties.

Connections.  Never underestimate the power of the personal connections we have with those who have the information, expertise, and influence over cell sites across all tower companies and wireless carriers.  And these relationships are used to advance the interest of our clients.  This is unheard of access for individual landlords looking to level the playing field with corporate giants.