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Incredible Consultant Who Went Way Above And Beyond To Protect My Site

I was approached by an AT&T contractor to place a cell tower on my property.  I liked the idea, but did not understand if what I was being offered was fair or safe.  As a professional contracts negotiator my entire career, I was not prepared to engage with AT&T on this highly technical matter.  I found CellWaves by talking to a neighbor 10 miles away who has a cell tower on his property.  He told me I must call Tung Bui because he knows everyone in the industry, and every technician, manager, tower climber who has come up to work on the tower and electronics have either worked for Tung, or knows of Tung, from the wireless industry.  I was so pleased I contacted Tung.  This is one of my smartest business moves in my entire life.

After reviewing AT&T’s proposed lease, Tung informed me the strategy we need to employ to get the highest rent, take on the lowest risk and then he identified the AT&T lease terms we are to eliminate or restrict in order for me to take control of my property.  He explained to me why those changes were important to me and my property rights.

Landlord Gerry White Giving CellWaves CEO Tung Bui Farm Tour on ATV

Throughout the entire process, CellWaves did not ask for any money upfront. I was very pleased that their contract with me guaranteed me that if I do not make money on this tower contract, they do not make money.  Their confidence in getting the lease negotiated at a high rent amount was very refreshing and assuring to me.  Tung also worked with AT&T to provide justification for the tower as required by zoning.  He knew the zoning code inside and out.  And just when we thought we would receive zoning approval, American Tower Corporation (ATC) challenged our site application the very last day as being a zoning violation.  ATC even flew in their high-powered corporate lawyer from Massachusetts along with their local hired gun lawyer.  They did so because they have a cell tower nearby and wanted to preserve their monopolistic control in the area.  Tung surprised me by attending all the zoning hearings, offered information, strategies, write-ups, and suggestions to AT&T, their consultants and lawyer on how to beat the American Tower Corporation’s legal challenge to my site.  As Tung was in court throughout the hearings, he texted me with regular updates on arguments and actions.  In the end, we won!  This will be my biggest financial windfall of my life.

And when I complained to Tung that I was not pleased with how AT&T was dragging their feet in signing the lease, Tung penalized them by getting me even more rent because of AT&T’s delay in signing.  Tung played a vital role in helping us win the zoning ruling and negotiated such a high rent amount for my rural farm.  If you are contemplating who to hire… you must hire CellWaves and insist that Tung be the lead in your property.

Gerry White
Farmer, Retired Contracts Negotiator
Randle, Washington

5 Stars

CellWaves Filed A Zoning Appeal Against A Competing Site For Me

I was approached by a company wanting to place a cell tower on my property.  I was unsure with how to begin negotiating the lease agreement.  I have had a company approach me many years before but that never came through for some reason.  Now, this opportunity returns, but I have weird vibes with this company.  So I found CellWaves in an internet search.  I spoke with Larry Heuchert and was pleased with him understanding my situation and he seemed to know the industry quite well.  Once we signed the consultant agreement where they assured me they do not want any money upfront from me.  They will only take a fee if they successful negotiate a lease that results in me getting income from the tower company.   This fee arrangement was very nice because I was not prepared to pay the high upfront fees these other companies were asking me to pay, whether I signed a lease or not.

Larry then introduced me to Tung Bui, the CEO of CellWaves, who has reviewed my lease and wanted to take on the negotiations himself.  I was told by the tower company if I did not accept the rent amount, they would leave because that was all they could afford to pay me.  Magically, Tung was able to get a lot more out of them.  They proceeded to negotiate the entire lease and Tung left no terms untouched.  Just before we signed the lease, we learned that another company was racing to get a site near my home approved through zoning.  In fact, they beat my site by a few weeks.  So, it appears that we lost that race because the tower company we were working with was unaware that there was competition nearby.  As the other site was going through zoning and nearing a zoning decision, Tung took it upon himself to challenge their application for the cell tower at that location.  He took every one of their RF and structural engineering arguments, including land use concerns, variances, and setbacks and he refuted them in writing, and submitted to the Town of Warwick Zoning Board of Appeals that has jurisdiction over zoning variances in Pine Island, NY.  His appeal created doubt in our competitor’s design and resulted in the zoning board delaying decisions in order to investigate the challenges Tung put forth.  While this was happening, Tung reached out to the other tower company and asked them to come to my property because it has much better engineering values.  In the end, Tung stopped the competing zoning process, got the other tower company to come on to my land and sign a new tower contract with me.  I did not anticipate CellWaves would go to such extent to save my site.  But I now understand.  Their compensation agreement with me required me to collect income before they could earn a fee.  I believe that was what drove Tung and his team to go the extra mile to successfully appeal a competing project.

I invited Tung to join me in my hunting club in NY.  I very much appreciate his energy, expertise, intelligence, and passion to fight for me on all fronts.  I credit Tung for bringing this dead deal to life and be as successful as he has been in getting me more than I would expect from a consultant.  I cannot imagine any consultant that knowledgeable, passionate, and fun to be with.  My family appreciates everything Tung has done for us.

Ray Ruszkiewicz
Pine Island, New York

5 Stars


Tung Bui Re-Engineered T-Mobile’s Cell Site On My Building.  And T-Mobile Accepted It!

We own multiple commercial buildings along the East Coast.  We hired CellWaves Wireless when we were presented with an offer on behalf of T-Mobile to bring wireless to one of our properties, as we were not prepared to take on negotiating the lease ourselves. We were very pleased that Tung Bui took on our case himself.  His familiarity with the technology, process, people, T-Mobile, the industry, and cell tower lease rates really showed when he surprised us by negotiating our rent rate up over $1,000 monthly beyond what we were initially presented with while also obtaining excellent rental increases for us.  Not only that, but Tung immediately re-designed our rooftop site because he felt T-Mobile’s design was not compatible with our use of the building and nor was T-Mobile’s design safe and comfortable for our tenants.  Tung spent the necessary time to explain to me why we needed to redesign the site and what the new design should look like, while sharing his computer screen with me real time as he made the design changes.  Once I understood why he was correct with his recommendations, I authorized the changes and he proceeded to negotiate the changes with T-Mobile’s engineers and consultants.  Days later, Tung reported that all his design changes were accepted by T-Mobile and their engineering teams.  Not only was the rent amount and engineering designs improved by Tung, but he also made a number of other changes that made our lease much stronger from my perspective, by preserving our rights to sell and manage our properties, limiting our legal and liability risks, and reducing the footprint of T-Mobile’s equipment on the roof of our building.  He even saved us from having to cut our roof open and structurally re-enforced our building to accommodate thousands of pounds of T-Mobile’s equipment.  The value we derived from having Tung work on our lease negotiations far exceeded what we paid CellWaves to negotiate the wireless lease on our behalf.  In fact, we made money by hiring CellWaves.  I was also very impressed that Tung had access to industry people, engineers, and information that allowed him to help us in a difficult situation with another one of our cell towers.  I am very impressed with Tung’s expertise and contacts in the wireless world and suggest that anyone needing assistance with cell tower negotiations reach out to Tung to have their interests protected.

Jonathan D. Gottlieb, Esq.,
Managing Partner

The Gottlieb Law Firm, PLLC
Rockville Centre, New York 11570

5 Stars

We Were Comfortable and Safe with CellWaves

It is a pleasure to put together my thoughts on our experience working with the CellWaves team.  From my first contact with Larry Heuchert I had a comfortable and safe feeling.  We were in over our heads and had no way to safely navigate this process, making me apprehensive to move forward.  However, after we started working with the CellWaves team, that completely changed.  I knew we were in good hands.

We were approached by a man who serves as a local cell phone tower lease agent. He assured us it was no big deal, and offered us a fairly low amount for monthly rent.  My husband got him up 50$ more per month, and we agreed to read the lease and potentially sign.   After receiving/reviewing the initial lease, red flags were going up everywhere.  This was a complex technology-based world I knew nothing about. There were sections of the lease that bothered me, but I had no way to know how I would prefer it and what it should say.  The lease was very legally complex and ventured into areas that we had no business attempting to swim.

Then I found CellWaves in a Google search, thank goodness.  After the initial phase of discussions, we legally hired them to represent us.  They wanted no money up front!  If we didn’t make money, they didn’t make money.  That was the confidence that really surprised us.  Larry passed me to his partner Tung Bui He is the CEO of CellWaves and was a great person to work with.  His knowledge in the telecommunications field is second to none.  Each and every section of the lease was reviewed, discussed, negotiated and changed if it needed to be.  We ended up with a lease that is fair and equally balanced for us and the tower company.  At the start, Tung told us his greatest concerns about certain sections of the lease and that those terms must be fixed to protect our interests.  By the time he was done, every one of those terms were re-negotiated to our favor.  Tung had so many ideas and took the time to talk to us about each and every aspect.  He wanted to be certain we understood the terms, the obligations for both parties, and future options should this tower be built.  Every hypothetical situation I presented, he explained how he would handle it, and he carefully crafted the language of the lease to allow for future options that would be profitable for us.

Thank you, CellWaves, for helping us though this business opportunity.  I highly recommend CellWaves to anyone, without hesitation.

Peg and Steve Knotts
Cadet, Missouri

5 Stars


Turned My Rural Home To Gold

I have one cell tower on my property and one day I received a letter from my Tower Company offering to pay me a one-time extra payment of $7,500 for no apparent reasons.  The letter I had to sign was really hard to understand as to what I was really giving up.  I reached out to CellWaves and they did their homework to discover that another carrier wants to come onto my land.  Had I accepted that $7,500 offer, I would have given up all new lease revenues for the next 30 years.  Tung Bui, CellWaves’ CEO, was the lead on my property.  His expertise, immense knowledge of the wireless carrier’s leasing process, so confident on the engineering that he knew how much rent to ask for, way beyond my wildest dream.

Tung and his dream team did all the work.  Everything.  They only called me to update me or ask for my preferences.  Otherwise, they did all the heavy lifting when it came to engineering drawing edits, terms negotiations, rent rates, site placements, utility and access easements, titles, …  Tung was a godsend because he could not be bullied by the carriers.

Tung ran the calculations and showed how much more money CellWaves got me.  Tung helped me navigate through the title issues with my property, strategized with me on how to address the problem with my lien holders, and solved each concern that would have impacted my wireless lease (utilities, access easements, liens, aesthetics, existing carrier access blockage,  RF interference,…).

I run an international design and manufacturing business, but negotiating a wireless technology lease like this is clearly out of my league.  Having the first cell tower (evergreen tree tower) on my property did not prepare me for the second tower on my land as I had thought.  I am grateful I had Tung and his CellWaves team doing all the heavy lifting for me.  I highly suggest any and all property owners to consider the reality that they will cost themselves a tremendous amount of money if they don’t hire CellWaves to represent them in wireless situations like I did.

Tony Ellsworth
Ramona, California

5 Stars

I Am A Believer In CellWaves

“I spoke with Steven at CellWaves and was very skeptical that you guys could do more for me than what I have achieved on my own.  After all, we have been receiving our rent checks solidly for 25 years now, and about to sign up for another 30 years with the tower company.

But Steven was convincing, telling me that it costs me nothing for CellWaves expert to take a look at my new lease extension before I sign it.  I knew that there was a 99% chance you could do nothing for me.  Just think of the shock when I received a call from Larry informing me that there are so many things wrong with my lease.  He explained to me the implications of some of the clauses in the contract that I did not really understand, and how it would cost me a lot of money later on.  He informed me that my pricing model, based on my location, the zoning for my property, and the competitive nature of my land, I was practically giving away my site.

I hired CellWaves based on that conversation with Larry.  Our contract called for me paying CellWaves only if they made me more money than I already have been offered.  I was very skeptical that they could do more.  CellWaves was able to get me more rent and a few other financial benefits I never thought of.  Not only that, they fixed the contract to where those legal terms where I was told they were “standard” were in fact negotiable.  CellWaves was able to remove a number of restrictions that would have hurt my property value or the transfer of my property in the future.  I am a believer in CellWaves now.  Their service is incredible.  I can’t believe I thought the tower company’s representative was looking out for me.  How wrong I was.  If you lease your land to a tower company, you must hire CellWaves.  I strongly recommend it.”

Thank you very much,

Thomas B. Amsing
Springfield, Missouri

5 Stars

Practicing Attorney For 40 Years Still Needs CellWaves

We are very happy with the sales price that CellWaves Wireless got us for our Time Warner Cable lease.  CellWaves and their team worked with the buyer to make the process easier for all of us.

As a practicing attorney for more than 40 years, I am very comfortable with handling the negotiation of contracts, but CellWaves added the expertise that proved invaluable to getting the transaction done.

Thank you for your help and we will be happy to recommend any future business to you.”

Richard M. Rawdon, Jr., Esq.
Attorney At Law, Georgetown, Kentucky

5 Stars

Honorable People At CellWaves

“I have had a cell tower on my property for over twenty years. Approximately three years from when my tower contract ran out, I started getting bombarded with mail from many different companies promising me a great deal if I would sell them my lease. As I started corresponding with various companies, I began to realize that I was being taken advantage of by the company that was leasing from me. I began checking around and realized that my annual rent was grossly under the going rate for tower rentals.  I got an attorney, hoping to get a better idea of what would be a reasonable rate to lease the tower.

After two years of confusion and frustration, and being told by the tower company that the tower was worth only so much, my niece Googled “cell tower lease advisors” and we found Larry and Dan at CellWaves.  They educated my attorney and me on the inner workings of cell tower leases.  Initially, I was skeptical because they seemed too good to be true, but I quickly realized that working with CellWaves was the best decision I could have made. They were available to answer any questions at length at any time, seven days a week.  I have found them to be honest, understanding, and compassionate.  They gave me insight into the real value of my tower site and explained how tower companies work, which gave me the confidence I needed to pursue bargaining for a better rate.

With Larry’s help, I was able to get 45% over the cell tower’s maximum offer (which the tower company originally claimed was the maximum they could afford).  I am so grateful for what they did; I feel they were always looking out for my best interests, and they worked very well with my attorney.  Early on, we agreed to a fee based on the initial offer CellWaves procured.  Even though the final buyer of my lease ended up paying considerably more than we expected, CellWaves never changed the initial fee.  I am very impressed with their ethics.  I can say with confidence that their word is good.  I wholeheartedly recommend CellWaves to anyone struggling to navigate the very complicated world of tower leases/sales.”


Mary J. Gilbert

5 Stars

Accounting For Fee, The Improved Terms Resulted in Additional Cash To Us

Hulikoa Storage

“I am an investor in the self-storage real estate sector. Self-storage facilities will commonly have cell towers located on the premises. In my capacity as the lead asset manager of my prior company’s self-storage portfolio which included just over 100 operating self-storage assets, several properties had cell tower agreements in place. Over the last couple of years, we had been approached several times to re-negotiate our cell tower related agreements.

In one particular example, a license agreement with Crown Castle was due to expire in 2021 and they had contacted our firm in order to re-negotiate their lease. We contacted Cell Waves Wireless to negotiate the lease extension on our behalf at a property located in Hawaii. Their expertise proved valuable, as their consultant was able to secure lease terms well beyond Crown Castle’s initial offer. Furthermore, even once accounting for their fee, the improved terms resulted in additional cash at signing and greater future cash flows stemming from the new lease terms.

Our experience with the CellWaves Wireless consultant was exceptional. The consultant was an effective negotiator, communicated the issues concisely, and was very responsive to our needs and concerns. We were fortunate to have had CellWaves on our side as they went above and beyond what we expected.

I am eagerly awaiting to acquire more self-storage properties with cell towers located on the premises as I am confident that we will have an effective cell tower consultant to advise on any issues or negotiations that may arise. We definitely plan on using CellWaves Wireless’ services again in the future and recommend that you contact them regarding your cell site needs.”

Cole Jackson – Hulikoa Storage
Vice President, Investments Merit Hill Capital

5 Stars

Far More Beneficial Than Most Property Owners May Appreciate


“We are extremely pleased with everything that CellWaves did to help us with the sale of our AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile leases.

Our company owns several hotels and is very familiar with the hotel industry.  However, when it comes to negotiating the best deal for wireless leases, CellWaves possessed the expertise to do so much more than we could alone.  Having an expert on our side through the entire process was far more beneficial than most property owners may appreciate.  CellWaves was our advocate to ensure that we were not being taken advantage of on any deal terms – either economic and non-economic.  In addition, CellWaves surprised us by negotiating an increase in rent for one of our leases after we were already under contract to sell it – which resulted in an increase to us of approximately $60,000!

CellWaves patiently worked through all of our unique challenges with lenders, timing and management, and was able to bring us an offer that far exceeded any previous ones.  He was very attentive to our questions, concerns, and needs and facilitated a successful closing after many months of stalled progress.  We were able to refinance and use the money from the sale of our wireless leases to renovate our hotel.  We look forward to a continued relationship with CellWaves on all of our other properties.

I highly recommend any landlord contact CellWaves when it comes to a wireless lease.  We will be continuing to use them for all of our cell site lease needs.”

Satish Patel 

Hotel Petaluma an Ascend Collection Member

5 Stars

CellWaves Wireless Completes My Sprint Lease Buyout Where Others Could Not

Carlton Hotel

“I was referred to CellWaves Wireless to monetize the Sprint lease on my hotel. I had previously been engaged with a company in the industry that was never able to bring my transaction to a successful close.

The group at CellWaves was able to work with the complications of my transaction, and work successfully with my attorney to monetize the transaction. During the process, they were able to educate me on the industry, and the process, and they were able to achieve a higher value than I had expected. I highly recommend CellWaves Wireless to anyone needing guidance regarding their wireless cell site. “

David Weyrich

Carlton Hotel

5 Stars

CellWaves Secured The Best Options For Our Condo Association

Waterside Towers
“CellWaves Wireless helped our condominium association get the best purchase offer for our T-Mobile lease.We previously had been contacted by many companies, but we when found CellWaves, they got us more money and better terms than others.

Since we are a HOA, we had several decision makers involved throughout the entire process.  CellWaves was able to obtain an offer for us that was higher than we anticipated, with a shorter term.  They presented us with several options and allowed us to choose what we felt worked best for our long-term goals.  CellWaves’ team worked exclusively through our attorney to resolve all issues to everyone’s satisfaction and kept us in the loop all the way through closing.

Ultimately we are pleased with the value they were able to avail us and the seamlessness of the transaction.  We appreciate that their commission structure is based on the value they add to our organization – so their incentive to bring us the best possible terms was never in question. Thank you for all of your help!”

Cory Waldman

President / Waterside Towers Condominium Association

5 Stars

Experienced Real Estate Owner With Multiple Cell Site Leases Recommends CellWaves

2301 Associates, LLC
“Thank you so much for your recent assistance in the renegotiation of our cell tower lease.

I have been an active investment real estate owner, and developer for over 20 years. This has included my tower site of multiple cell tower land leases on our properties.

While I work with many highly qualified real estate attorneys, most are great at drafting and negotiating typical facility related leases, but do not possess the deep knowledge, experience and relationships with the cell tower carries, in the area of cell tower matters. My recent experience in utilizing Cell Waves to handle the renegotiation and extension of my Cell Tower ground lease was fantastic. I was not only impressed with the very favorable outcome of terms we received, but additionally satisfied with the ease and contingency/performance based manner in which our arrangement was structured. Unlike my typical legal counsel where I pay high hourly rates regardless of the outcome, your upside and fee, is directly tied to the success and upside of any new deal that gets negotiated and agreed to by the parties. That was very refreshing.

Thank you again for the fantastic job you did for me, as I have already started referring you to many of my real estate associates and legal professionals for their cell tower matters.”

Robert Zakheim
2301 Associate, LLC

5 Stars

A+ Service And Higher Offers

“We were referred to CellWaves Wireless to help us sell our rooftop lease with Verizon. The team at CellWaves were experts and it showed with the results they achieved. CellWaves guided us through the entire lease buyout process and was extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the industry.

CellWaves not only was able to significantly increase our previous offers, they answered all of our concerns and provided us with A+ service throughout the lease buyout process. We have worked with a lot of service professionals and I would highly recommend the team at CellWaves Wireless for any of your cell site lease needs. If we would have known about them when we were first approached by Verizon for a cell site lease, we would have hired them at that time. If we ever need help again, they will get our business because – even after their fee – we achieved more than we could have on our own. We do not regularly provide testimonials, but when we get better results than we expected – more people need to know about how to do the same.”

Ghassan T.

5 Stars

Significantly Higher Lease Offer With CellWaves

Jim Engelker cell site
“I had been contacted by American Tower Company wanting to buy my lease. I was interested in the possibility of selling my lease but I had some terms I wanted included to protect my interests and the future interests of buyers of my property. I had hired an attorney to go over their offer, but I was contacted in the interim by someone from CellWaves Wireless. CellWaves lease advisors walked me through the process, reviewed all my documentation and made recommendations at no cost to me. Through their financial network, they were able to obtain an offer significantly higher than the offer from American Tower. CellWaves walked me through the closing and answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner. I am very pleased with their services and would highly recommend their professional assistance to any wireless landlord.”

James Engelker
Ovid, Colorado

5 Stars

Renegotiated Our Lease 15 Years Before Expiration

“Out of all of the companies that we have interviewed to help us with our cell tower lease, CellWaves Wireless seemed to have more knowledge across all areas of the telecommunications business—and it showed when we were able to renegotiate our lease even though it didn’t expire for over 15 years. We are happy we chose CellWaves and the experts at CellWaves and look forward to having them help us with our future lease needs.”

Gary Shull
Casa De Oro Baptist Church, Spring Valley, CA

5 Stars