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Our compensation is “success based,” which means that you do not pay us a dime unless you benefit from our efforts.  We have many different ways that we can help landlords like you—and never charge for consultations—because we understand you make the best decisions when you are informed of all your options.

Everything CellWaves does is based on results—results that deliver great monetary value for our clients and at the best terms to protect their long-term property interests.  If we do not deliver the results that you expect, you pay us nothing.

Whether we spend months negotiating your new tower or rooftop lease, years marketing your rooftop for cell site placements, resolve long-standing issues you have with a carrier or tower company, or work with our network of lease purchasers to build up interest in your wireless property, we charge nothing unless and until we can deliver meaningful results for you, and we put this in writing every time.  Black and white.  No gimmicks.  No surprises.  Check out our fees for negotiating new cell towers or rooftop leases.  You guessed it — Zero unless we deliver better than what you have already been offered.

That’s how confident we are in our ability to bring value to our wireless clients like you.

We never charge for providing you with information or identifying your available options.  We can afford to do this because we are very confident in our experience, business connections, contacts in the industry, and our broad range of expertise in wireless properties.  We know that when you hire us we will deliver significant value to you far exceeding our commission.

We look forward to discussing your specific lease situation. Our experts have helped property owners with almost every possible cell site lease issue. We have been in the industry for a combined seventy-five years and have attorneys on staff who help put the power back on your side. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

CellWaves' Service Comparison

CellWaves’ Service Comparison