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No-Obligation Lease and Advice

Cellwaves staff is committed to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your wireless lease. At no obligations or cost to you, we will discuss with you any questions you may have about your lease. We provide you with leasing answers that will help your understanding of the lease and the impact on your land. With a copy of your lease, we will review your rent and terms to determine if they are acceptable.  Then we counsel you as to how our fees would work best for your situation, usually free of charge until we deliver the final lease.

The Value Is Not In The Lease

If your lease is about to expire as it is nearing the end of its terms, we would be happy to conduct a lease evaluation to determine the proper rent for your site.  We could also negotiate with the wireless carriers on your behalf. We believe our professional lease negotiators will allow us to negotiate the maximum rent to your advantage.  Your cell site location is an important component of the wireless network, serving drop-free calls and high-data speed internet connections on mobile phones.  But are you getting the most rent for a cell site? Rent amounts are determined by the importance of your location.  The only way you can demand more money for your property is if you understand its values, and point them out to their leasing specialists.  We will do this evaluation free of charge for you.  We will point out the values of your property and obtain the highest rent possible working on your behalf.

servicesFree Lease Review

At no cost to you, we can study your wireless lease and let you know where your rent stands in the marketplace. From your lease, we would review the ground space or rooftop platform size committed to your wireless lease, the date of your lease commencements, renewals, and terminations. If you are interested in lease buyout quotes (one-time payment for your wireless lease) we would need to perform a thorough review of your lease. We may see opportunities to increase your rent, even if your lease has not expired. We will make all the suggestions and work with you on how to affect those changes.

Our Unmatched Experience

Reading about what to do, and doing them yourself, just can’t yield the same results. It is like watching a Youtube video on what is required to design your own electric motor and doing it yourself, thinking you would get the same results.  You can read about our 30 years of industry experience, but you need to hire CellWaves to turn your site into a money-producing property.cell phone consultant

While it is not obvious to landlords how we can assist them in renegotiating leases that are currently under contract, our expertise in this special field of wireless leasing will surprise you. Put our years of experience in the wireless leasing department to work for you. If your lease is below market value, we will evaluate the lease to see how we could get you increases to bring you to fair market value. We are that confident. If your rooftop or tower cell site leases are about to expire, let our team of RF engineering, leasing, and zoning experts work for you to get the best leasing deal for you. Our compensation will be based purely on how much more we can get for you under the new lease.

Beware Of “Flippers” 

In a matter of days after receiving your lease, we will get you a price from a buyer seeking to purchase your lease. Our interests are always aligned to those of our wireless landlord clients in that we are compensated for our ability to obtain the highest price for our clients.  We are on the same side.  We work in your interest, not ours.  We don’t buy your lease so we don’t offer low prices as others do.

We look for ways for you to maximize your leases. Perhaps you have leases from other regional carriers as well. Cricket, MetroPCS, Nextel, Clearwire, and US Cellular are smaller wireless companies who taught us lessons about the wireless industry and how landlords should never be complacent about their wireless leases. If you have questions about your lease rent amount, lease renewals, or that you have not been treated fairly by your wireless tenants or want to eliminate the risk of early termination, please contact us anytime.  Let our many decades of experience work for you.