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No-Obligation Lease and Lump Sum Buyout Advice
Cellwaves’ staff are committed to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your wireless lease. At no obligations or cost to you, we will discuss with you any questions you may have about your lease. We will freely provide you with technical and leasing answers that will help your understanding of the industry and the impact to your lease and its value. Upon your request, we will review your lease and let you know whether the rent and terms are within acceptable value range specific to your geography, placement in the network and other site-specific situations.  We will identify all the possible areas of improvements in the lease to maximize your negotiating position with the carriers or maximum lump sum buyout offers. We will provide financial options available to you if you want to see what an investor would pay for your cell site lease today in a single lump sum payment.

The Value Is Not In The Lease
The placement of the site relative to the needs of the system (spectrum, coverage, capacity, terrain, morphology, proximity to population concentration, …) determine the value of your lease.  If your lease is about to expire as it is nearing the end of its terms, we would be happy to conduct a lease/zoning/engineering evaluation to determine the proper rent for your site.  Our team could also negotiate with the wireless carriers on your behalf.  We believe our professional lease negotiators, teamed with zoning specialists and RF engineers, will allow us to negotiate the maximum rent and terms to your advantage.  Your cell site location is an important component to the wireless network, serving drop-free calls and high-data speed internet connections on mobile phones.  But are you getting the most rent for cell site? Rent amounts are determined by the importance of your location to the overall RF design, zoning restrictions, and competing properties nearby your location. Another major factor influencing your rent price is how well you negotiated your lease with wireless carriers’ Site Acquisition Specialists who built a career working for wireless carriers negotiating land and rooftop leases.  The only way you can demand more for your property is if you understand its engineering, leasing, zoning, and construction values to the carriers, and are able to point them out succinctly, objectively, and quantifiably to their site acquisition specialists.  Often, the engineering points we bring up exceed the wireless carrier’s site acquisition specialists’ expertise, and they have to go back to engineering to confirm.  Once they confirm our claims on how important the site is to their operations, our rent negotiations do go a bit easier.

Site and Lease Audits

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Lease Modifications


New Cell Tower Leases


Lump Sum Buyout

servicesFree Lease Review
At no cost to you, we can study your wireless lease and let you know where your rent stands in the market place. From your lease, we would review the ground space or roof top platform size committed to the your wireless lease, the date of your lease commencements, renewals, and terminations. We would review your escalation terms, how high are the antennas mounted on your rooftop or tower, your access easements assigned to the carriers, and many other factors influencing the value of your lease. We would next review your location, its surrounding population concentration, study the site’s coverage objective, its spectral efficiency value, review its proximity to places of interest such as malls, major intersections, stadiums, concentrations of homes or businesses, and vehicular traffic volume. If you are interested in lease buyout quotes (one-time lump sum payment for your wireless lease) we would need to perform a thorough review of your lease. Sometimes repairing of the lease is required in order to get maximum lump sum price for your lease. If there are things we can do to increase your rent, even if your lease has not expired, we will make all the suggestions and work with you on how to affect those changes.

Our Unmatched Experience
But reading about what to do, and doing them yourself, just can’t yield the same results. It is like watching a Youtube video on what is required to design your own electric motor, and doing it yourself, thinking you would get the same results. Years of engineering training and experience in the wireless industry specializing in everything surrounding your wireless lease is the insider value we deliver to all our clients.


While it is not obvious to landlords how we can assist them in renegotiating leases that are currently under contract, our expertise in this special field of wireless leasing will surprise you. Put our years of experience in the wireless leasing department to work for you. If your lease is below market value, we will evaluate the lease to see how we could get you increases to bring you to fair market value. We never charge a fee to wireless landlords until we obtain rent increases for our landlord clients. We are that confident. If your roof top or tower cell site leases are about to expire, let our team of RF engineering, leasing, and zoning experts work for you to get the best leasing deal for you. Our compensation will be based purely on who much more we can get for you under the new lease.

Best Leasing Deals
We define “best leasing deals” as obtaining both fair market value for our landlord clients while negotiating the most favorable non-monetary terms (insurance, space restrictions, revenue sharing, modifications, property rights, revenue sharing, interference of use, back rent, holdover, roof top reparations, etc…) for our landlords. For landlords wishing to eliminate the risk of having the leases terminate early (all wireless leases have 30 – 90 day termination rights by wireless carriers for “any or no reasons”), or if you are planning to sell the underlying property, or you just want to cash out while pricing is at all time high, we will bring bidders to your lease by drumming up interests from Wall Street investors fighting to purchase your rental income stream.

Beware Of “Flippers”
Unlike other companies, which seek to buy your lease at the lowest possible price so they can profit by “flipping” it at a later date, we market your lease by seeking highest dollars from wireless investors bidding up your tower or rooftop leases. In a matter of days after receiving your lease, we will begin to get bids come in from Wall Street firms seeking to outbid each other to purchase your lease. Our interests are always aligned to those of our wireless landlord clients in that we are compensated for our ability to obtain the highest possible rent for our Landlord clients.

We have lots of ways for you to maximize and protect your interest in your AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint leases. Perhaps you have leases from other regional carriers also. Cricket, MetroPCS, Nextel, Clearwire, and US Cellular are smaller wireless companies who taught us life lessons about the wireless industry and how landlords should never be complacent about their wireless leases. If you have questions about your lease rent amount, lease renewals, curing violations, negotiating back rents, or that you have not been treated fairly by your wireless tenants or want to eliminate the risk of an early termination, please contact us any time.