Negotiating Cell Tower Leases

Who Negotiates a Tower Lease Agreement?

When you have been approached about a cell tower agreement or are looking to make changes to an existing contract, you can easily feel overwhelmed with all the details.  Hiring a consultant to help with negotiations can help ease the stress and burden of a lengthy and complex process. If you want the best contract possible, never commit to thirty years of wireless property obligations without CellWaves’ guidance. With over 75 years of combined experience working as employees for wireless carriers and as consultants for wireless landowners, we have seen a variety of different leases.  No two leases are ever the same. Even within the same company, wireless carriers will have different leases among different markets and regions.

What Does It Cost to Hire CellWaves?

We offer a free initial consultation to our clients.   Our fees are earned when we present a better offer to our clients.  Lawyers, business owners, commercial real estate developers, farmers, REITs, public storage franchises, private landowners, churches, condominiums all have trusted us, and we have delivered every time.  It costs you nothing to try us.  We guarantee our results, or our service is free.  It is that simple to retain our decades of experience and expertise to start working for you.

75 Years of Combined Experience

Wireless carriers hire leasing experts who are commissioned to pay landowners as little as possible for their land and rooftops.  They will be friendly. They will be helpful. They will be nice. But, never forget for a moment that their job is to represent the wireless carriers and tower builders – not you the landlord.  Our senior team has over 75 years of combined experience in doing exactly this – experience forged by identifying, negotiating, and crafting languages that advanced our carrier’s interests when we worked on the other side of the industry.  All this expertise can now be applied to advance your interests and assist you with negotiations.

An Essential Gear in Daily Communications

Carriers receive tens of thousands of contacts every year from property owners interested in becoming wireless landlords, but most of those properties do not have the right characteristics for cell site placements.  Your site is needed, or the carriers would not build a tower there.  The challenge is to get maximum dollars for your property with as little effort on your part as possible.  Let us do the work for you.  We know how to negotiate the highest rent possible for your tower lease.

What Does this Mean To Property Owners?

Property owners can benefit from the fact that their cell tower is important to the wireless industry.  If not, they would not have built the site in the first place.  Know this fact alone, we are confident we can drive a hard deal for our clients in getting the highest rent possible.  We can do this because we have decades of experience that allows us to ask for the top dollars.   Carriers may threaten to move the cell tower if we ask for too much.  To save a few hundred dollars a month, no carrier would move a cell tower.  It is too much work for them.  Conclusion: Carriers will not move a cell site purely on rent cost alone.  They will be moved under right conditions.  We do not believe rent amount alone will cause them to move the site.  Knowing this, we can deliver some amazing rent increase results to our clients.

Carriers’ Real Estate Development

Once a site has been built, a carrier’s real estate department never wants to move a site.  They already have many time-sensitive projects, including building new cell sites, managing existing ones, and upgrading existing sites to newer equipment.  They do not want to build a replace tower.  If you understand this, it is important to realize that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Our expertise tells us what to ask for.  Our experience informs us what the carriers will accept.  The combination of both helps us deliver the top dollars for our clients.  If rental income is important to you, you need Cellwaves.  Wireless carriers do not want to put too much resources into negotiating a single lease.  They have hundreds of thousands of leases across the country to managing.  This is how we can use this knowledge to our clients’ advantage.

There are Only a Few Reasons Phone Companies Contact You

  • New Site Build: New wireless cell tower lease agreements typically come in two methods: construction of a new tower or by addtional small cell equipment or antennas to your building. If you are a property owner, they want to see if you are interested in leasing your property for the construction of a cell tower. Building owners will be asked to install rooftop antennas & may be able to negotiate their rent based on multiple locations.
  • Modify Your Lease: Carriers will seek to make changes to existing Verizon cell tower leases. The new agreements allow them to expand the size of leased area or upgrade equipment on the cell tower lease site.
  • Equipment Modifications: Cell sites often need update to keep up with evolving technology. They want to add equipment which may include new or additional antennas, generators, fiber optic cables or utilities to serve their equipment.
  • Add a Sublease: Many towers include sublets & you may be contact to request the consent for third-parties to sublease space.
  • Extend Existing Lease: They request an extension to your existing Verizon cell tower lease, granting them access the tower for a longer period of time.landlord cellwaves

Reliable Constant Revenue Stream

CellWaves can help with negotiations of a buyouts for landlords. Lease buyers want to invest in constant rental streams and we can connect them to our clients to make the sale possible.  Our fee is based on a percentage of the sale price.  So we want the price to be high.  If Landmark or Unison or Blackdot have contacted you to purchase your cell tower lease income, you know the prices they are willing to pay.  There business model is to purchase your lease as low of a price as possible.  That way they can make as high of a profit as possible on their side.  Bring in Cellwaves means we will help you get a higher price for your cell tower lease than what they are offering you today.  Call us.  Email us.  Contact us any time.

 Are They Fair?

There is skepticism surrounding cell tower leases. This is because many believe that tower companies don’t pay landlords fair compensation. The key to getting fair rates is to understand how they’re determined. Other factors that will determine the price of the lease include:

  • Your location
  • Restrictions in your area
  • The competition

Additionally, there are tax consequence you should look into.  There are many factors that make up a good lease.  Let Cellwaves look into these matters for you as part of our lease review.  Our decades of experience can be used to apply to your property.  Many satisfied clients welcome our help.  We believe you would benefit in our expertise too.  Call us for help on your tower lease today.

Advantages of Your Land

The best advantage to hosting a cell tower at home is the extra income. You can make monthly fees, and possible long-term rental charges, if you continue to renew the lease.  The wide range of possible rates for hosting a cell tower on your property has many factors. The location of your property is one.  Where you are can affect the quality of the signal companies get from locating a tower on your land is the other factor.  How much you can charge to lease a cell tower also depends on how good you negotiate.  Your location matters too.  You can make anywhere from $100 a month to thousands, depending on the advantages and location of your property. How well you negotiate is also a factor.  Don’t do it alone.  Find out how much you could be making when you talk to Cellwaves consultant.