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Are you getting fair market rent?


Fair market value of your cell property can only be determined once you understand the value it delivers…

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Terminated Leases.  Can this happen to you?


With extremely rare exceptions, all wireless leases have early termination clauses that allow wireless…

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You’ve Been Contacted.  New Tower On Your Land.


Property owners are fixated on rent.  Rent is important.  But the 30-year contract is 22 pages long.   What are you missing?

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Why is your lease


Earlier, we discussed what your lease is worth. It may not be in alignment with what you are paid because.

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About Us

Getting wireless landlords control, information, and true market value.

About us

A Cell Tower Lease with Wireless landlords has typically negotiated only one initial wireless lease agreement in their lifetime.  Wireless companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T have professional wireless real estate lease negotiators who have completed hundreds of wireless leases each.  When you negotiated your wireless lease, who controlled the important lease terms and rent amount?  Wireless landlords usually do not know where to begin because valuation, technology, rent amount, customary practices, and controlling terms are brand new to them.

There are about 24 significant terms in the lease that must be negotiated to protect wireless landlords’ long-term property interest.  How well did you navigate through those lease terms?  How much more rent could you have obtained if you knew what the going rental rate is across the locale, the state, and country for properties such as yours?

Let CellWaves, Cell Tower Lease Experts, be your professional wireless lease negotiator.  CellWaves’ leadership team has a combined 75 years of experience in all aspects of cell site leasing, development, lump-sum lease buyback, wireless engineering, and construction.  Let us apply this insider experience to work for you.

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Our Services

Our Services to Cell Tower Lease Landlords

Do you need assistance with:

1. Negotiating a brand new wireless lease?
2. Renewing the lease you have had for 25 years?
3. Contemplating a mid-term lease extension offer by tower companies or wireless carriers? (Danger Zone)
4. Marketing your rooftop for cell site placements?
5. Selling your wireless lease for the highest lump-sum cash amount?
6. Resolving disputes or problems with a carrier or tower company?
7. Matters surrounding the value of your wireless lease?
8. Too-good-to-be-true offer of cash from your wireless carrier or tower company? (Danger Zone)

Your cell site location is an important component of the wireless network, serving drop-free calls and high-data speed internet connections to mobile phones.  But are you getting fair market value rent for the cell site?  Having CellWaves on your team is the smart option for even the most sophisticated landlords.

Our clients constantly tell us that hiring us has been one of the smartest business moves they have made.  Additionally, our clients have the peace of mind knowing that they have retained the best people in the industry who are working to protect the landlords’ interests.

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What Does It Cost To Hire a Cell Tower Lease Experts?

Here at CellWaves, receive a free consultation with no strings attached. No upfront fee, no charge by the hour, with our fee is earned based on the INCREASED value we are able to bring to you, ‘Our Future Clients’. Suppose you are offered $800 in monthly rent for a new cell tower lease. CellWaves will only charge a fee if we can improve beyond the $800 you are already offered. It is that simple. You are guaranteed the rental income already offered to you by the wireless carrier. This puts the pressure on us to deliver greater value in order to earn a fee.

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Why Select Us

Getting wireless lease landlords more control, more information, more value.

What is your Cell Tower Lease Worth?  You may never know the true value of your cell tower lease until you call us.  Armed with decades of experience, we will help you understand what you actually have, how much it is worth, and what more we can do for you.  Call us anytime for a free consultation. 

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Sophisticated Property Owners Hire Us

Sophisticated Property

“Having (CellWaves) on our side … was far more beneficial than most property owners may appreciate.”

“Our company owns several hotels and is very familiar with the hotel industry.  However, when it comes to negotiating the best deal for wireless leases, CellWaves possessed the expertise to do so much more than we could alone.  Having an expert on our side through the entire process was far more beneficial than most property owners may appreciate.  CellWaves was our advocate to ensure that we were not being taken advantage of on any deal terms – either economic and non-economic.  In addition, CellWaves surprised us by negotiating an increase in rent…”  

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Common Negotiation Pitfalls

Common Negotiation Pitfalls

Property owners often focus on rent amounts and end up missing out on significant values in their lease.  In doing so, they effectively tell the carr….

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I want A cell Tower

I Want A Cell Tower

Many people often ask us how to bring a new cell tower to their property. The process is not easy because cell site location selection criteria is not….

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5G Technology's

5G Technology’s Impact On Your Cell Site

About every five years, a new generation of equipment, standards and infrastructure is introduced to the wireless industry. 4G is the current platform….

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$46 Billion FirstNet Awarded To AT&T. What’s Your Cut?

March 2017:   National First Responder program funds a nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to first responders. http://www.firstnet.gov…. 

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