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It is difficult to list our collective seventy-five years of wireless industry experience in these few pages, but we have noticed an overriding theme of misinformation that has adversely affected landowners’ property rights and values.  Even the most sophisticated commercial property owners, and real estate lawyers are fooled by the complexity of wireless and how they are leased, financed, valued, and negotiated.

We have seen thousands of leases, but we have never seen any two situations that are the same.  Because of the uniqueness of every cell site, owner, property, design, and locale, and landlords’ specific situations each can only be assessed by reviewing your property, situation, site design, the lease, and all modifications.  In these few pages, you will learn how wireless carriers, tower company personnel, and our competitors are motivated by unconscionable financial incentives to persuade you to make poor decisions.  At CellWaves, we only earn our commission when we deliver you value and get you more money.  This is our promise.


What Is My Wireless Lease Worth?


Mergers and Technology Risks


Right of First Refusal


Market Value Of Your Rent

consent to_upgrade_request

Should I Consent to Upgrade Request?


Tenant Requests to Renew My Lease


Why Sell Your Lease


Your Lawyer and Accountant

Every property owner will find valuable information on our website.  If you need specific feedback regarding your situation, please call, email, text, or fax us anytime.