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Tung Bui (CEO)

Tung Bui Inspecting Rooftop Installation

Tung’s engineering and legal background allows him to span widely across the industry.  During his first seven years out of college, he was focused on building high-capacity fiber-optic networks between major cities across the Pacific Northwest.  He spent the next fourteen years building up T-Mobile’s wireless network (radio frequency [RF] designing, leasing, zoning, constructing cell towers, rooftops, switches, hire and train engineering and real estate staff) from ground zero when T-Mobile had no customers and no cell towers.  As Executive Director of Engineering, Site Development and Operations, Tung signed many of the wireless tower and rooftop leases on behalf of T-Mobile across the West Region markets.

Today, Tung focuses primarily on business strategies and directions for CellWaves.  He is constantly and strategically aligning with major real estate portfolios nationwide to leverage all CellWaves’ clients lease positions in the industry.  The more properties we represent, the more leverage we have when negotiating for our property clients.  Occasionally, on matters involving engineering, zoning, or construction, or complex transactions that require his expertise, Tung would personally be involved and manages those relationships directly himself with tower developers, clients, wireless carriers and tower companies.

Tung Signature Cell Tower

We often find Tung talking with construction crews on rooftops at new site builds or meeting with a hotel chain owner or new wireless carriers that CellWaves has just signed up to represent.  Tung still chuckles when he sees his signature representing T-Mobile on wireless leases for clients that he now represents.

Larry Surveys A Rooftop For Another Wireless Carrier

Larry Surveys A Rooftop To Add Another Wireless Carrier

Larry Heuchert (President)

Larry is CellWaves’ “Wall Street” guy.  His extensive finance and Wall Street experience makes him ideal to identify finance solutions for our clients.  Whether our clients want payment in a single lump sum, spread out over the course of several years, or some other arrangement, chances are that Larry will be speaking with the client.

Larry is extremely creative in solving land disputes, easement issues, and finance complications that may prevent a landlord from selling his wireless lease.  His experience has come from many years of feet-on-the-street as a wireless site acquisition specialist.  He used to knock on doors of landlords and ask if he could place cell sites on their property for $500 a month.  Those were the early days of the industry, and Larry was in at Ground Zero.  Larry knows the lingo, understands what carriers want, and knows what he can give away and what he cannot in negotiations on behalf of wireless carriers.

Now that Larry is representing landlords on the same transactions, there are no better insiders than Larry for understanding how to negotiate with wireless carriers or tower companies.  If you already have a site on your property, the next time the wireless carrier asks for permission to perform upgrades you should deny the upgrade and call us immediately.  Larry will tell you if the carrier’s upgrade request is fair, and if not, what we should do about it to benefit the landlord equitably.