About Us

Larry Heuchert


Professional Expertise

In-depth insider knowledge of the wireless and cell phone tower industry since 1987.
Has completed over 2500 wireless leases with various wireless carriers in the US and Canada.
Corporate finance and consulting for more than 30 years with private and public companies.

For the past ten years Larry’s passion has been to exclusively work for private property owners who have an existing cell site, tower or have been approached for a new cell site on their property. He has represented hundreds of property owners in the US and Canada, concentrating on fair lease terms, increasing rental income and lease purchases. With his years of extensive wireless experience, Larry has built relationships in the industry which he uses to advocate for his clients. His focus has been contracting negotiations, finding solutions to complex issues, and creating options for his clients.

Tamara Heuchert

Vice President

Marketing Director/Administrative Support

Tamara has over 30 years of experience in the areas of accounting, real estate and telecommunications.

Tamara acquired telecommunications experience while developing and leasing hundreds of cell sites for top US wireless carriers.

Since joining Boost Financial Telecom, LLC, a leading full-service cell tower consulting firm, Tamara has assisted in adding value and creating more favorable lease terms for hundreds of property owners in North America. Along with lease negotiations, Tamara assists with lease buyouts and marketing properties to major carriers and tower companies.