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Tung Bui (CEO)

Tung Bui, CEO of CellWaves, Inc., has spent twenty-seven (27) years of his professional career in the telecommunications industry.  He began his career in the wireless industry right when the FCC began to auction wireless spectrum licenses in 1994.  This is Day 1 of the modern-day cell phone industry.  Tung was the executive director responsible for the RF engineering, real estate leasing (site acquisition), zoning, construction, and network deployment of West Coast markets for a start-up company called Western Wireless, which grew to become VoiceStream Wireless and then re-branded to T-Mobile USA.

With an electrical engineering degree from Oregon State University and a law degree from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark, Tung founded an engineering company to help wireless carriers deploy their latest voice and data wireless infrastructures.  Along with providing engineering resources and real estate deployment personnel to develop sites for wireless carriers, Tung saw the need to balance the fairness scale by representing wireless landlords.  He assembled a team of industry veterans who are passionate about equalizing the expertise between landowners, wireless carriers, and tower companies.

Tung’s value to wireless landlords is derived from his vast experience in working the other side of the leases for wireless carriers.  He managed the national deployment of 3G and 4G technology upgrades across the U.S. for T-Mobile USA and knows how to get landlords to authorize free equipment upgrades at tower and rooftop locations.  Now that Tung is no longer with T-Mobile, he wants to reverse this practice and help landlords better monetize their cell tower lease assets.  Many wireless leases that landlords signed with T-Mobile were countersigned by Tung in his capacity as its Engineering and Site Development Executive Director and Acting Vice President of Network Engineering.  Now, you can contact Tung at (425) 345-8864.  You are welcome to reach out to Tung via email with your specific questions, concerns or opportunities at tung@cellwaves.net

Today, Tung focuses his attention on helping wireless landlords get the most out of their wireless leases by providing them with insider information about the industry.  He accomplishes this by focusing CellWaves staff on things that matter most: dispel myths about the industry, leases, terms, valuation, and engineering, and then apply that knowledge to negotiate the best terms for our wireless landlord clients.


Larry Heuchert (President)

Professional Expertise

 In-depth insider knowledge of wireless industry since 1987
 Has completed over 2500 wireless leases with various wireless carriers in the US and Canada
 Corporate finance and consulting for more than twenty-five (25) years with private property owners

Larry has more than thirty (30) years of wireless experience with a number of carriers and tower corporations.  His focus has been contract negotiations, finding solutions to complex issues, and creating strategies for companies.  His focus is to work with private property owners, concentrating on increasing rental income and lease purchases.