Our Expertise

1. Experienced in Zoning, Land Use, and Conditions of Approvals.

On its face, a novice “negotiator” would not understand the implication that zoning has to the value of the lease.  To CellWaves, however, understanding zoning is the difference between getting maximum rental dollars for our clients and getting average rental amounts.

2. Understand Construction Issues, Costs, And Risks.

Many lease “negotiators” never discuss these points because they do not understand the implications of this level of knowledge and the value it brings to landlords.  To have a deep understanding of wireless construction, which is very different from any other forms of residential and commercial construction, is being able to protect, defend, and negotiate landlord property rights; business and legal risks; and have a negotiating advantage along with top dollars for wireless landlords.

Monopole Construction and Risks

Erection of Monopole and Legal Risks To Landlords

3. Experienced Insiders Of Wireless Carrier Operations.

Having worked inside a wireless carrier operation means having an understanding of their processes, thinking, priorities, values, and contacts. This is extremely important since your consultants may need to escalate a matter beyond the wireless carriers’ agents, and the consultant must know how to go about it correctly. Anticipation of wireless carriers’ moves is also very important, which can only be done with insider experience.

4. Has A Support Team Of Professionals To Advance Wireless Clients’ Interests.

A successful consultancy company must be more than a one-man show.  The company must have a team of people with varied skills and experience and a network of supporting staff to smoothly process transactions for clients.

5. Has Wide Ranging Industry Contacts.

Contacts are important, and the information gathered from industry on a case-by-case basis has proven to be invaluable for our clients.

CellWaves meets all the above conditions.  Nowhere else can you find the combination of experience, skills, and passion to deliver incredible values for our clients.

Don’t disadvantage yourself by hiring inexperienced self-professed internet “negotiators” working on one of your most valuable assets.  Anyone can call themselves “expert negotiators.”  You have to look at their credentials and work experiences to decide for yourself.  We have negotiated thousands of cell site transactions on behalf of property owners.  Call us anytime for a no-obligation consultation.