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Why Do Wireless Carriers And Tower Companies Want To Extend Your Wireless Lease?
There is only one reason why carriers and tower companies want to renew your lease—there’s value in it for them to have your land locked up for another thirty years or more.  The question is why would they entice you with signing bonuses, increased rent, and even improved escalators (annual increases) unless they see long-term value in your property?  Knowing that you have something valuable, are you armed with all the information necessary to negotiate this deal and lock up your property for another thirty years?  Do you know what they know when you enter the lease negotiations, or are you going in blind?

You Are Sitting On Gold.
If a gold mining company wants you to lease your land to them for mining operations, would it be helpful to learn how much gold you may have on your property before you sign?  You really can’t expect the gold mining company to tell you the truth about that.

Then why would you sign a wireless lease for thirty years without knowing how desperately they need your property.  Unlike gold where its value could be quantified, weighed, and priced in the open market, airwaves and spectrum valuations, when combined with a large RF infrastructure, are much more complex to understand and especially priced for property owners who are not accustomed to such specialized technology.  The only way to level the playing field and give you the best negotiation position is to engage your very own team of experts to work for you.

Complex Wireless Lease Documents

Don’t Negotiate Complex Wireless Leases Alone

What Will CellWaves Do For You?
CellWaves will review your lease not not based on what you have historically been paid.  We base your rent amount on the value your property delivers to the cellular operation.  Basically, we help you get a percentage of that gold in the ground rather than perpetuating the poor rent payment you have been receiving the past 25 years.  Additionally, there are also many other non-financial matters that should be as equally important to the land owners.  We negotiate proper insurance coverage for you in case someone is hurt on the tower, access easements, road maintenance, utility easements, hours of operation, and shared future benefits should the site “strike gold” in the future.  We will review all engineering documents to ensure that we understand what your property will be subjected to and how it may affect your long-term property rights.  This is especially important if you plan on selling your property within the next thirty years (duration of the new lease).  Once CellWaves is onboard, you can be assured that you have a team of people protecting your long-term interests in one of the most technically complex transactions you would be involved in during your lifetime.  And if you have a trusted attorney you want to get engaged with us, we would be very pleased to work with him/her to deliver the maximum wireless lease value you can obtain from your property.  Don’t make the mistake of doing this alone.

Last Chance To Fix Mistakes From A Poorly Negotiated Lease
If there’s ever a time to correct negotiations mistakes from twenty-five years ago, it is now at the time of the lease renewal / extension.  Since leases average twenty-five years, not many landlords ever get a second lease extension.  So the first lease extension is their last opportunity to correct any negotiation mistakes in their lifetime.  This is the only time to do it right.  Bring in some heavyweight industry experts on your side to maximize your property value.