Bring Your Lawyer


Not Required, But Helpful.

While hiring an attorney is not required to complete any transactions with us, some clients feel comfortable having their own attorneys involved in business transactions.

We understand that many landlords have trusted attorneys and accountants assisting them in this regard.  We think it is a smart idea to have your own trusted professionals working on your side.  Although having your own attorney is not required, we encourage our clients to have their attorneys review legal documents with us to ensure that your interests are well protected.

We are always happy to work with your designated lawyer to make sure they are engaged in assisting you in this real estate transaction.  Our staff will be available to answer any questions your attorney may have.  Our expertise is wireless leasing, zoning, engineering, and negotiating the best terms for you.  Their expertise is legal.  The combination of this experience will serve you well to maximize your financial returns and advance your legal interests.

Tag Team

When your lawyer is involved, he/she can often assist us in resolving title issues you may have with your property that hinder any transactions involving cell tower lease rights.  While we focus on the technical terms of the lease involving such matters as engineering, site placements, engineering drawings, site market value, and lease negotiations, your lawyer can assist us in various other tasks to maximize protection of your legal rights and limit your risks.