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We work with landowners of different types of property and landowners with different interests pertaining to their cell sites.

Private Landowners:  Whether you own a small parcel of land, a 100-acre farm, or a building with rooftop value to wireless carriers, we have the unique expertise to provide you with options for your cell site lease.

Commercial Landowners:  We know that you want to get the most Net Operating Income (NOI) possible as a commercial property owner.  Whether you are a property owner who is an owner/user or a multimillion-dollar commercial real estate company, CellWaves is well versed in working with your property managers and owner groups with the necessary presentations and reports to document the ROI of our services.

HOAs and Condo Complexes:  Homeowners Associations want to maximize income opportunities to offset their many expenses. Whether you are a small HOA or a 20-story condominium, we can help you with your specific cell tower lease needs while helping you navigate through various owner/tenant interests.

BIA Cell Tower ClientMunicipalities and Government Organizations:   Our lease experts have worked with municipalities and governments all over the country. We have a solid understanding of municipal processes and can often provide PowerPoint presentations and other materials to help you pitch your specific story to your city council.

Malls and Shopping Centers: We know that you want to get the most Net Operating Income (NOI) possible for your property. Whether you are a strip mall or a large urban shopping center, we can help you with your specific cell site lease needs.

Hotels and Motels:  Whether you operate a large hotel in an urban metropolis or a small motel in a rural town, we can help you take advantage of your cell site lease needs. Our experts have worked with hundreds of hotels and motels throughout our careers, and we can use that experience to your advantage.

Religious Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations:  A cell tower lease can provide your institution or organization the income it needs to help offset expenses. We understand that you want to help your community in the best possible way and may not always have the resources available when approached with a cell site opportunity.

Snohomish School District

School Districts : School districts own many properties, but health concerns about cell towers near schools and playgrounds can be sensitive.  We assist school districts navigating through these issues with smart site selections, antenna containment, and other means to mitigate any problems with safety.