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Commercial Rooftop Marketing. Let us bring a cell site to your commercial building rooftops.  If your building meets the engineering criteria as noted below and you do not have a cell site on your rooftop, it must mean that you have not marketed your property correctly.  The industry is approaching thirty years old, and generally all areas that require cellular phone coverage have already been built out.  Wireless carriers are more precise with their cell site placements, and having CellWaves as your professional wireless consultant getting your property on the wireless carriers’ radar is key.  We know what makes a building a prime candidate for cell site placements.

Free Building Analysis. If your commercial building meets initial basic selection criteria, we would be happy to conduct a more thorough engineering and zoning analysis to see if it could be a viable candidate for cell site placement.  This analysis along with leveraging our contacts in the wireless industry and expertise in site acquisition and land use pertaining to wireless siting will allow our marketing program to reach those decision-makers during their budgeting, engineering, and planning phases of cell site development.  We manage the entire process from the beginning to the end.  This includes RF engineering, zoning analysis, contract negotiations, and rooftop design (protecting your building).  Beyond that, we stay with your project through the construction and quality assurance phases to protect your building’s fascia, walls, and roof, including making sure that you receive your first rent check.

Rooftop Criteria

You get all of this, and we charge you nothing for the marketing program.  We only charge for the results that we deliver to you.  If our efforts do not result in securing a cell site on your property, you owe us nothing.  We only market properties that we believe through our efforts will result in a strong likelihood of their being selected as future wireless rooftop sites.  No business wants to expend financial and human resources over an extended period of time without the certainty of income.  We are so confident in our experience, expertise, and the value we provide that we are prepared to take on the financial risk for a select group of building owners.

Rezoning of 185th for Cell Tower Structures

Rezoning of 185th for Cell Tower Structures

Pre-Qualifying Buildings.  Not all buildings meet the engineering, site acquisition, zoning, construction, and marketing requirements for wireless carriers, which is why we prequalify all buildings before adding them to our portfolio of sites that we present to wireless carriers.  No two potential sites are ever the same.  The demographics, internal engineering growth objectives, population concentration, vehicular traffic, morphology, topology, commercial interests, popular venues, access to power, high-capacity broadband fiber-optic backhaul networks, and much more all have a unique effect on the viability of a site.  Equally important, though, is how the location is packaged, presented, and marketed to the people who make those deployment decisions at the wireless carrier levels. This is crucial to the success of the marketing program.  Only through decades of working in the industry for the carriers working side by side with engineers, site acquisition, land use, wireless real estate attorneys, construction managers, and program managers are we able to confidently take on projects without charging clients an up-front fee.

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