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Has someone contacted you to have a new cell site installed on your property? Does the thought of receiving extra income excite you?

Having wireless technology engineering and leasing knowledge will help you immensely in your lease negotiations. Cell companies know this when approaching property owners, and they also know that landowners are unlikely to want to pass up the opportunity to make money, so landowners will be eager to sign the lease to secure the new source of income.

Antenna Tower Top

Antenna Tower Top

Frequent Landlord Mistakes.  We frequently see that innocent mistakes in negotiating a lease without industry experts on your side have cost landowners like you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of each lease.  Agreeing to the wrong terms could invite progressively increased vehicular traffic to your property 24/7 for the next thirty years, large antenna expansions, and you won’t get a dime more for the extra wear and tear on your property and the ever increasing intrusion to the enjoyment of your property.  You could also sign away certain property rights that make it hard for you to sell or transfer your property later.  Beautiful towers and rooftop installations take planning and experience, as we will demand for our wireless landowner clients.  We never allow ugly structures to be built on our clients’ properties so that their property values can be preserved.  These details are usually lost when landowners negotiate their own leases.

30-Year Mistakes. Over the years, wireless carriers and tower companies have discovered ways to make these  clauses look innocent, but the implications to landowners can be extremely detrimental, e.g., ugly towers or rooftops that hurt property values, unclear easements and access that causes legal disputes in later years, right of first refusals that give carriers and tower companies control of your property transfer rights, most-favored-tenant clauses that look innocent but causes landowners to be legally obligated to have their books audited by carriers and tower companies.  These are just a few examples of the traps that inexperienced landlords fall into when negotiating on their own.  Let us help.

Attorneys Know Law, Not Wireless Technology and Valuation. Landowners can and should bring in their attorneys to assist with lease documents, but it is very unlikely that your attorney has the technical knowledge of the wireless industry, RF engineering, and the technology evolution that will affect the value of your wireless lease. That is where we come in. Our years of working on the inside for the wireless carriers affords us the experience and expertise to anticipate what the carriers want and to negotiate fairly so that our landlord clients receive fair market value for their property.  We accomplish this without creating undue burdens on our clients’ property rights and legal terms that can harm your enjoyment of the property after the site has been constructed.

ugly rooftop coaxial antenna cables

Poor Workmanship Likely Results in Roof Leaks

75 Years of Combined Experience On Your Side.  Wireless carriers hire leasing experts who are commissioned to pay landowners as little as possible for their land and rooftops.  They will be friendly.  They will be helpful. And they likely are very nice people.  But never forget for a moment that their job is to represent the wireless carriers – not you.  Don’t disadvantage yourself by thinking this is something easy to do on your own.  Our senior team has over 75 years of combined experience in doing exactly this – experience forged by identifying, negotiating, and crafting languages that advanced our carrier employers’ interests.  All this expertise can now be applied to advance your interests.

  • Don’t even think of stepping into a courtroom without an attorney.
  • Never commit to thirty years of wireless property obligations without CellWaves on your side.

We have negotiated thousands of new cell tower leases for wireless carriers and now for private property owners like yourself.  No lease is ever the same. Even within the same company, wireless carriers will have different leases among different markets and regions.  Allowing CellWaves to represent you will be one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make.  Our clients continually tell us  how pleased they have been to have us on their side!

Our fee?  We never charge a fee unless and until we can add value to your lease.  We are that confident that we will be able to help bring value to your leasing situation.  Call us anytime for a no-obligation consultation.