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Each wireless carrier has a different process for qualifying properties because their coverage objectives are very unique. One carrier may have an interest in excellent coverage in a given area (stadium) but another carrier may just want outdoor coverage only in the same territory. One carrier may have an appetite to go through a tough zoning hearing to get the land use approval for their cell site, while another carrier may try to avoid a battle in the same neighborhood it is marketing its cell phone services to. For these, and many other technical reasons, it is best that you contact the carriers directly and provide them your property information so they can best judge how your site may fit in their engineering designs and coverage objectives.

 Submit your address here to T-Mobile


Contact Verizon Real Estate Department  




Email AT&T’s Leasing Department here, or call them at (877) 231-5447
 Write to U.S. Cellular’s corporate office at U.S. Cellular: 8410 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago, IL 60631

Tower companies sometimes will build towers and lease back to wireless carriers. It is possible that these tower companies may be interested in your property if the carriers so request it.

Call American Tower at (877) ATC-SITE.  See their leasing policy here.

Property Owners can contact Crown Castle here.  

Property owners wanting cell towers built can contact SBA here.

This is a long and drawn out process. If your site was a “no brainer” location that complements their engineering designs, chances are they would have contacted you already. So do expect some degree of evaluation to take place regarding your property. It is unlikely that someone will contact you right away in response to your request. Be patient. If your property works for them, they will contact you back. If not, they will most likely ignore you. This is just how the carriers and tower companies operate.

Remember that your willingness as a property owner is not enough for a wireless carriers to place antennas on your rooftop or a tower on your property. There are many considerations, including engineering designs, zoning, land use, leasing rates, power, trenching, telco, microwave path designs, soil conditions, environmental impacts, proximity to flight paths both commercial aircrafts and helicopters, historic preservations, and the list goes on and on. Then if you pass the test, then how many of your neighbors could possibly be competitors to your property, which would drive your rent price down. Any uniqueness to your property would drive your wireless rent price up, including special locations (on hilltop overlooking a major freeway), tall building surrounded by lower buildings or business locations, zoning laws that prohibits other properties other than yours, and unwilling neighboring landlords. This is where special industry knowledge and negotiations skills come in. If wireless carriers contacted you for cell tower or rooftop antenna placements, contact us immediately as you will need to have industry insiders and experts on your side to get the maximum value for your property.